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Sacramento Consumer Business Review named Ms. Duffy "Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year" in 2015.

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A felony is a serious crime in the United States. The Federal Government defines a felony as a crime which involves a punishment of one year or longer in prison.

Crimes commonly considered to be felonies include, but are not limited to: aggravated assault and/or battery, arson, burglary, illegal drug abuse/sales, embezzlement, grant theft, robbery, conspiracy, murder, rape, kidnapping and fraud.
Broadly, felonies can be categorized as either violent or non-violent offenses.

Felons can receive punishments which range in severity; from probation to imprisonment, to execution. In the United States, felons often face additional consequences, such as the loss of voting rights in many states; exclusion from certain lines of work and difficulty finding a job; prohibition from obtaining certain licenses; exclusion from purchase of possession of firearms and ammunition, ineligibility to run for or to be elected to public office. Finally, if a felon is not a U.S. citizen, that person may be subject to deportation after sentencing is complete.


A misdemeanor is an offense for which a term of imprisonment not in excess of one year may be imposed. A misdemeanor is less serious than a felony and is punishable by a fine or imprisonment in a city or county rather than a prison.

Those people who are conviction of misdemeanors are often punished with probation, community service or work project, served on the weekends. Colleen Duffy, an attorney is an attorney committed to keeping people out of jail.
Misdemeanors may result in a loss of privileges, such as professional licenses, public offices, and public employment. It is likely that if one is convicted of a misdemeanor it can be expunged.

If you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor the consequences can range from mild to severe. Ms. Duffy handles all felonies and misdemeanors.


California offers many different types of remedies designed to help convicted criminals be productive and contribute more to society. Whether the offenses were as an adult or juvenile, misdemeanor or felony, or if the sentencing was a fine or time in prison, California offers many ways for you to obtain good jobs and lead a productive life.
If you have no current charges against you or you are not on probation for other criminal offenses, California law (PC 1203.4) allows for you to have your misdemeanor convictions expunged after you have completed your probation period.

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor and have served your sentence Ms. Duffy can have your conviction expunged. Once your conviction has been expunged you will receive a court order dismissing your case and you can honestly say that you do not have a criminal conviction on your record.

If you have been convicted of a felony and have served your sentence that did not include any time served in the California state prison system, there is a very good chance that Ms. Duffy can have your criminal record expunged and, in many case, reduced to a misdemeanor so you may get all of your entitled rights back.

The ultimate statement by a court that you are an "honest person" of "good character" who is known to obey the "laws of the land." It tells employers and licensing agencies that you truly have put the past behind you and you are ready to reach your potential. Many licensing agencies are prohibited by law from discriminating against you once you receive a certificate of rehabilitation. When the certificate is granted, a recommendation for pardon is sent to the governor. A person cannot apply until at least 7 years after release from custody.

Expungement, when properly done, can remove hurdles to gainful employment, professional licenses, and bring closure and emotional relief. If you are interested in expungement contact Colleen Duffy because she understands the types of relief available, and how to obtain them.

Domestic Violence

All states allow courts to issue protective orders or restraining orders, ordering the accused to cease and desist. In addition, the orders will often require the accused to stay completely away from the spouse, their home, and place of work. If a person violates the protective order he/she can be charged with a criminal violation in addition to being charged with other criminal offenses.

Colleen Duffy has years of experience successfully defending Domestic Violence cases throughout California. These cases can be charged as Felonies or Misdemeanors. The penalties can be jail or state prison. If you or someone you care about has been accused of a domestic violence offense, you can contact or call Colleen Duffy without hesitation.

Driving Under the Influence

If you are arrested for a driving under the influence in California, the penalties for a conviction are severe and may include large fines; jail time; loss of driver's license, and higher vehicle insurance rates where they may no longer be affordable. If you are convicted of a DUI it will go on your criminal record. The penalties you face are even more severe if you have been convicted before, or if anyone was injured as a result of a DUI of either alcohol or drugs.
DUI charges call for serious help

Ms. Duffy investigates your DUI charges to ensure that your rights have not been violated and that the police followed procedures according to the law. If Ms. Duffy finds basis she will challenge: 1. the officers' stop, 2. all of the officers' procedures including sobriety tests, breathalyzer, or blood test, 3. evidence seized and/or statements that may be have been made, inadvertently to officers.

As your DUI attorney, Ms. Duffy will make sure, all of your rights are protected. Colleen Duffy is a DUI Defense Attorney that has the experience and can make a difference. Because she handles all types of criminal cases along with DUI defense, she has the knowledge of sentencing guidelines and penalties in both DUI and all other misdemeanor and felony cases to argue for the best sentence in your case. If you decide, she can also try your case before a jury and has great success in winning jury trials in DUI cases throughout the State of California.

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Drug Charges

Drug possession or sales of even a small amount of many controlled substances can lead to serious penalties, including fines, jail time, and a permanent criminal record. Criminal Drug Defense Attorney Colleen Duffy provides sound legal advice and trial representation to clients throughout Northern California.


California legislators enacted the three-strikes law in 1994. The purpose was to put violent and serious offenders in prison. If you are arrested for a third felony, you should talk to an experienced three-strikes defense lawyer about the pending charge and the previous convictions against you. A three-strikes conviction can mean a mandatory 25 years to life in prison. The current charge you are facing may be reduced or dismissed an experienced lawyer can possibly significantly change that result. Colleen Duffy has had three strikes charges dismissed before trial.

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Sacramento criminal defense attorney Colleen Duffy has specialized in Criminal Law for over twenty years. She expertly handles all types of criminal DUIs, felonies, misdemeanors, domestic violence, drug and narcotic charges, juvenile cases, theft, assault and battery, strikes, expungements and appeals and can apply for Certificates of Rehab and Pardon.

Colleen Duffy can successfully help and defend your rights at any stage of criminal litigation by recalling a warrant, representing you or your loved one at a bail hearing, pretrial, preliminary hearing, trial, appeal or a motion for a new trial. With her legal talent and diligent perseverance, she can quickly evaluate your case and determine the strength of your case at trial, or alternatively negotiate a favorable plea bargain.

Colleen Duffy graduated with honors in English from the University of California Berkeley in 1987. She graduated from University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in 1990. She is a member of the State Bar of California. She is a graduate of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

Sacramento Consumer Business Review named Ms. Duffy "Criminal Defense Attorney of the Year" in 2015.

From the inception of her law office, Ms. Duffy stays accessible to clients at all times. Contact her by phone, text or e-mail. Evening and weekend appointments are available to potential clients as well as existing clients. Clients have access to Colleen Duffy by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling (916) 996-7023.

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